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Romantic Gifts For Her
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  1. Emily says —

    not all women like teddy bears. personally, i think theyre gross. just a heads up

  2. Erin says —

    Oh, wow.

    Did you miss the mark on this one or what?

    I have been digging through this website for two hours straight since I discovered it,and I have like and respected most everything that I read so far. This article, however, is the first article I have read when the answer is just wrong.

    All of these answers are boring, trite, and worthy of a huge eye-roll to most women.

    Gift baskets are cheesy–especially if you didn't even pick out the items yourself. That is a gift that is sent to the re-gifting pile for gift emergencies. Any guy with money can buy jewelry–and how can you be sure that she will actually like that piece of jewelry and will want to wear it? Roses? Please. Chocolates? Try again. Teddy bears for for girls in middle school. Heart shaped items make many women have to repress the urge to vomit. The spa items are getting warmer, but not really. A cruise is a nice idea–just be sure that you choose dates when you know she has nothing important happening…

    I can't express enough that women really appreciate gifts that show that their guys are listening to and thinking about them. Buy her the book she has been wanting for a while. Get her the DVD box set of her favorite TV series that has been off the air for a long time. Buy her tickets to hear her favorite author speak.

    Look around her home–this is probably going to give you the best ideas for gifts. One of the best gifts I ever received was a brand new laundry basket because the guy noticed that all mine were looking awful. (This was a spur of the moment gift, not a major present, so maybe not for a birthday or anniversary. Use common sense.)

    If she collects things, get online and research it–find a nice or rare item that she may be missing from her collection.

    What about a vintage poster from her all-time favorite movie? Complete the present with tickets stubs from the movie's opening night you find on eBay, and have it all framed.

    What about filling a lovely blank book with your favorite things about her, your favorite memories of her, and anything and everything else you could put in there–lyrics that make you think of her, movie lines that made you laugh, dates that are important…?

    It doesn't have to be expensive, just thoughtful, guys. Be thoughtful.

  3. Casey says —

    I agree. Although these things are nice they are overused and and more common place.

    I also suggest picking one area that she is fond of. (music, movies, ect.) and work on that. Such as make her a cd of songs that remind you of her or even a really thought out date can be a nice present.

    whatever yu do make it special to her
    that's what really counts
    she wants to know that you think of her and care about her.


  4. Jennifer T. says —

    I would like to add a suggestion if I may my husband bought this for me for our anniversary and I just thought it was such a cute and unique romantic gift idea. The lingerie inside was exactly what I like.

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