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Why Serial Dating Can Seriously Mess You Up
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  1. john says —

    Hi, I had been dating this woman 50, who for the most part we were friends. I had feelings for her. But she seemed to do everything through the mirror to get me to like her, and could only repeat things I said to her in first person. Was she insecure about herself? I told her I had feelings, we broke up that day, she wanted me bad. After the breakup, blacks set in and first controlled me away, then her,. Broke both our wills, stole her from me. What are the chances of her healing from this disaster.

  2. elaine says —

    I can certainly related, the story could be mine. Following the break up of a long term relationship, I did not want to let go of, I found myself alone again at 48 and heartbroken. I proceeded to go online to fill the empty space and time, meeting every wrong man on the Internet…players, cheaters, liars, sex addicts. I carried on for a year, and moved towards dating and sleeping with two, even three men…one of which was cheating on his then pregnant live in…and naturally the one I fell hard for. I nearly lost one great relationship with a man who treats me like a piece of precious metal…due to this destructive behavior, and yes it is very destructive indeed–you wonder why you're doing it, how many men you need to meet to be happy–when the reality is you are the only person responsible for that happiness! I am trying hard now to be a one man woman–true, loyal, devoted.

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