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The Battle Between Looks and Personality
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  1. Stephanie says —

    That's the biggest myth ever! My family has 3 generations of scholar athletes, national and all state. Models, local tv ads, homecoming queens and sexy men calendars are what we laugh and joke about during family get togethers. Even though we are humble,caring and friendly, we are often ignored because people assume we are stuckup and judgemental. what's womanly wiles?

  2. Pawan says —

    I guess it is all about short term investing versus long term. While looks will fade with time, intelligence will grow and shine.

  3. Manish says —

    But there is no probability that a not so good looking person is more intillegent than a good looking one.
    So basically we always judge them on both and make a combo according to our needs

  4. sandrar says —

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  5. twinkz says —

    For me, Personality is very important, still most men date girls who they are attracted physically then they try to get to know there personality if it works out good then calls it quits.

  6. kol32 says —

    Women are predominantly emotional and men same for physical. Period. If you can make a woman FEEL something, regardless of your looks she'll fall for you every time. So that equates to making her feel good or laugh alot. Throw in some confidence, little cockiness maybe and it's magic. Believe me. Men are based on a more primal instict, looks. Sad but true. Maybe that explains why pornos and playboys are so popular with men…

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