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What to Do When Dating Fatigue Sets In
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  1. Krystle says —

    i agree with 90% of what you are saying but i think its best to take a break from dating once you get to the point of dating fatigue bc its all so overwhelming. Its best to re-energize yourself first before jumpin right back in. You see, dating like that over and over and it never amounting to anything can be very emotionally exhausting and can lessen once confidence. i personally decided to finally make a change in what i been doin bc i am tired of dating back to back not givin nyself a chance to breathe. It was too much like i was suffocating myself, and it was makin me sad. So now im steppin back from it although it is hard and im bored, ive got to believe that this is the best thing for me now. Sometimes its good when you are fed up bc thats when change comes.

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