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Ten Almost Surefire Signs He Likes You
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  1. kim says —

    if you are mutual friends with a guy you like's close guy friend and the friend teases you about liking the guy what does that mean?

  2. callie says —

    the guy i like knows i like him but im not sure he likes me back. he brought it up before but never gave me a straight answer. how do i know he likes me i think he does but im still not sure??

  3. Kris says —

    OMG!!! There is this guy i sorta like and he always brags about himself. He said his dad lets him have whatever he wants even a girlfriend (P. S. we r in fifth grade)! Then he said he had a cheerleader girlfriend. And when i talk to him, or nag about the five bucks he owes me, he usuallly always looks me in the eye directly without looking away. He always tries to be funny and always comes to me and nobody else for money even though i dont have any. If i cry, he would make a big deal out of it. Help???

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