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Arguing In Your Relationship

Sep 12th, 2007 | Arguments, Relationship Advice

Arguing In Your RelationshipIt is unrealistic to think that you will never have arguments in your relationship. A relationship consists of two different people, with separate sets of opinions, values, and belief systems. It is unavoidable that at some point in your relationship, you will encounter disagreements and arguments. The most important aspect to consider is not how to avoid arguing and disagreements, but rather how can you handle them effectively and fight fair.


Creative Ways to Say, "I’m Sorry"

Apr 18th, 2007 | Arguments, Relationship Advice

Every relationship will have its ups and downs, its good times as well as bad times. Learning how to say I’m sorry can ensure that your relationship makes it through the tough and difficult times. Learning how to say, "I’m sorry" is a skill that surprisingly not everyone has learned. The failure to learn how to recognize when you are at fault in a relationship and refusing to accept your mistakes may mean the end of your partnership. Though it may be hard for some to say they are sorry, learning how to own up to their mistakes and taking responsibility for their share of arguments is crucial if you want to remain in your relationship and grow as a couple.


Fighting Fair In Your Relationship

Apr 6th, 2007 | Arguments, Relationship Advice

Listening and communication are the basic ingredients of every successful relationship. However, it seems that no matter how great of a listener you are, or how deeply you love each other, all it takes is one bad argument to unravel the ties that have bound you together.

When fighting or engaged in an argument, there are some basic ground rules that will keep you fighting fair and help you move past your issues while maintaining your love and respect for each other. Arguments can be a healthy and normal part of a relationship. They are necessary for instilling change and helping a couple to gather their strengths and become a united front.

Yet, if the skills needed to argue respectfully are lacking, either member may experience anger, rage, hostility, or lack of self-control and create damage to the relationship that is never resolved. Here are some basic skills that can ensure your relationship survives the tough times as you learn to fight fair.